Tom Update

Tom and I have settled into a rather odd symbiotic relationship. After that hot and heavy kissing at the dance, I'm basically serving as a girl to hang out with over summer with his girlfriend away. I can serve as his plus one and we just basically hang out so he's happy.

For me, he's a true gentleman. He's fairly safe and Karen basically told me, "you need to learn to carry yourself as a lady when you are with a guy. Do you want to stick with Tom for awhile or do you want us to set you up." I think Tom is the easier choice.

While the kissing is not as passionate, I am basically going out on dates with a guy who I am acting flirty and feminine for. The girls are thrilled that I am regularly being put in this spot.

This is obviously not an ideal situation for me, but the closest thing I've had to a girlfriend since this has begun is using the picture of me kissing him as her desktop supposedly. I guess it's working for everybody so far though sometimes I find it hard to believe I'm going through with it.