Maid Questions

I mentioned that I was doing 5 apartments on a weekly basis as maid.

1. Our own
2. Peter and Dan - Friends of the girls. My first date with a guy was Peter.
3. Sheila and Karen
4. Amanda and Heather
5. Sue

These are the regular ones. There are a few others that I'll tidy up after a party or if a parent is visiting.

Q: I hope your barbecue was a success. I assume nothing blog worthy occurred.
A: No, nothing really major. Jill was going to write about it and other things came up. We had a lot of rain, which didn't help.

Q: You mentioned Karen's boyfriend treats you OK. Are you around many guys that are aware of your sissy status? Do any of them tease you or have the girls protected you from any abuse?
A: There are 8 or 9 guys who know and the girls do protect us to the point of threatening one of them with his own makeover if he didn't knock it off--it was funny who quickly he changed his tune. They do tease a lot, but the girls have been very careful with who they've let in on it--thank goodness. The guys who know are not neanderthal types.

Q: After reading Jill's latest blog, I feel there is quite a bit you aren't sharing. I realize it can be embarrassing, but this is a blog about sissies dominated by women.
A: I'll try. It's hard to admit everything.