Sharing Fantasies

It's taken a little time but both Jake and i seem to be more comfortable with sharing some of our kinkier fantasies with each other.  i suppose once a man takes another anally, and similarly once you've given yourself up that way to another man, you don't feel like you've got much to hide.

Yesterday i was on the phone with Jake and we both got each other aroused.  i was telling him how i wished i could be kneeling in front of him with his cock in my mouth and he told me how much he loved it when i did that.  "I love it when you look up at me when you suck me" he said "and when our eyes meet as I'm looking down at you.  Just thinking about it has me real hard.'  i could only let out a sigh of frustration, indicating that i wanted nothing more than to be doing that very thing.

"You know what else i'd like?" he asked.

"Please tell me" i answered him, almost begging.

"Well, you know when I'm laying back on the bed and you're between my legs licking my balls and cock?" he asked me.

"Yes..." i said in anticipation of what was to follow."

"Well....I really love the way you use your tongue on my balls and..." there was a hesitation here, as if he was a little inhibited about what he was going to ask me.  "Well, I'd love it if you'd rim me and lick my ass."

I didn't want to hesitate, for fear that he'd misinterpret it as reluctance on my part.  "Jake, i'd absolutely LOVE to do that for you!" i said like a giddy little girl.

"Really?  You'd like to rim me?  Lick my ass?" he asked.

"God yes.  It's one of my biggest fantasies" I told him.

We both laughed. It was one of his fantasies and one of mine, yet it took this long for us to share it.

"I still want you to start with my cock and balls though" he joked "so that I can see those pretty eyes of yours.  Then when I'm ready, I'll tell you to slide that tongue of yours down to my ass."
We talked a little while longer but he had to run.  If the conversation had continued, i'm sure more fantasies would have have been brought up.  We promised to be more open about such things from now on.

i can't wait to see him again.  i want to please him, and fulfill his fantasy.