Still Here, and Very Feminine

It certainly has been a long time between posts, with plenty going on to keep me busy, but also a few things that have toyed with my emotions.  

First, while we were on Long Island last weekend attending a wedding, Diane revealed exactly what the "special reward" She had in mind for me that i wrote about in my last post, "The Good Little Housewife."  i had thought about several things that i would enjoy but wasn't prepared for what She told me.  We were in our hotel room after the wedding reception and Diane had me pleasuring Her orally.  After Her orgasm, during our "cuddle time" She asked me if i was ready to hear about the surprise She had planned for me.  i told Her i was.

From the tone of Her question, i immediately sensed that it wasn't going to be something easy for me.  i was right.

"I think Brian's ready" She said.  There was a silent pause that seemed to last forever.  It hit me that the comment could only mean one thing.  "Ready?" i asked.  "i'm not totally sure what You mean."

"I intend on letting him in on our little secret; about you being my loving and accepting cuckold.  It would make things so much easier.  I've dropped a couple of hints, very subtle.  I have a good feeling about it" She said.

i can't say i was totally shocked, but it still hit me like a ton of bricks.   There was more silence.  i was face-to-face with an upcoming reality which until now, had been a fantasy.  It's so different. 

"Well?  You're all right with it aren't you?" She asked me.

"i don't know" i answered honestly.  "i think so, but i'm not so sure."  i was just being honest and told Her so. 

"Let's sleep on it and we'll talk some more.  I think you're ready" She added.  Diane understands me and i know She wouldn't do anything to hurt me.  Also, She asked that i trust Her.  She's going to pop the question to Brian only when She feels very confident He's ready for it.  And, it would only move at the pace She wants.

It was a difficult thing to hear and think about.  It also came on the heels of a somewhat disappointing meeting with Jake on the previous Friday.  i had spent a good part of the morning getting ready for Jake, wearing something sexy and special for him.  Unfortunately, he was pressed for time.  It felt like he was in and out in no time.  I was quickly on my knees and sucking his cock.  I have no doubt he enjoyed it.  He came quickly and all over my face.  Just a few minutes later he was out the door.  i felt like a cheap little slut.  He apologized for having to leave so quickly. i told him i understood, but it still hurt.

So here i am, more than a week later and i'm feeling a little better about things.  Diane hasn't yet brought up the cuckolding issue to Brian, but all indications are that She will soon. 

In the meantime, i'm enjoying my feminine self and doing things like taking long and luxurious bubble baths.  It's a lovely way to spend some time deep in thought by yourself.  i love shaving my legs while in a bath overflowing with bubbles.  Maybe someday i'll get to take one with Jake. 

Diane's already told me that she and Brian have done something similar when they've been together in a hotel that had a big jacuzzi tub in the bathroom.

On another positive note, i'm seeing Jake again this week and he told me he intends on "making up" for the brevity of our last meeting.   That made me feel better.  He's also got a little gift for me he says, and he wants me to model it for him.  i can't wait.