Still Her Sissy Wife

"I'm happy for you" Diane said as we sat down for the dinner i had prepared for her last night.  She was referring to my meeting Jake and how things seemed to be going so well.  She had just asked me when i would be seeing him next and i had told Her that our plan was to try to get together on Monday.

It seems like even though we still have plenty of intimacy with one another, albeit not the type a traditional marriage would have, that we are sort of leading parallel lives.  She has Her thing with Brian, and i have my thing with Jake.

i thanked Her for the comment as i took off my apron and got ready to take my place at the dining room table.  "I'd prefer you keep the apron on" Diane said, "it looks  nice on you."  i returned to the kitchen and put it back on and then sat down to enjoy dinner.

There was a long period of silence, though it didn't seem necessarily awkward, until i asked Her when She was seeing Brian next.  "Not until next week at the earliest" She said, answering as if i had interrupted some sort of deep thought process She was going through.  It was evident that i had, as the next words out of Her mouth were "I was just thinking..."

She proceeded to let me in on some of the things She had been discussing with Brian, and Her plans to "somehow introduce cuckolding into our mix."  Basically, Diane's continued to drop some hints to Brian about cuckolding, although She wasn't very specific about them other than to say he gets turned on knowing he's "fucking another man's wife."

"You know, the more I think about it the more I'm convinced that the best way to segue into the cuckolding conversation with him is to let him know that I'm dominant in our relationship" She said.  i was very surprised but not shocked.  After all, if full fledged in person cuckolding were to take place, my submission to Diane would become readily apparent.  "You know, let him know that I wear the pants in the house, not you.  I think it would lay a good foundation to move forward and remove some fears he might have of rocking the boat."

While we talked about it for just a little while longer, She didn't directly ask for my opinion.  She knows it's something i want, but understands that i'm very apprehensive about moving forward.  She did listen to me and i appreciated that.  i doubt very much that Diane won't follow through with this.  It may take Her longer than She'd like, but eventually i know She's going to bring it up to Brian.

Later as i cleared the dishes and cleaned up in the kitchen while still in my apron, Diane thanked me for a wonderful dinner.  Before She left to go into our living room She gave me a peck on the cheek and said "I know you're having a wonderful time with Jake and enjoying yourself.  I am happy for you.  But don't forget that you're still my sissy wife.  Your wifely duties to me come first, and the always will."

It was a less-than-subtle reminder, and it was nice to hear.