Submissive Pleasures

i was planning on spending a few hours with Jake here on Friday afternoon.  He was taking the afternoon off and was going to stop by before heading to his son's baseball game at 4:30 PM.  i was all dressed and ready to greet him by around noon time when he called to tell me that he was going to be late.  i was mildly disappointed, but at least the afternoon wasn't completely cancelled.

i waited patiently for what turned out to be more than three hours.  During that time, Jake texted me several times letting me know that he was in a meeting (one that he called by the way) and that he would be here to see me as soon as he could.

The waiting for him to arrive made me feel very submissive.  i knew that the longer i waited, the shorter our time together would be.  As the afternoon wore on, it became apparent that if he came at all, it was going to be for a real "quickie."  The final text i got came at 2:33 PM - "Leaving now.  Get ready for my cock."

i waited before i responded.  i was upset that he himself had scheduled a meeting knowing that i was waiting for him.  i didn't know the circumstances and i'm sure he had a good reason, but it made me feel used.  However, all the things that upset me and the negative feelings were minimized by the powerful submission i felt.  i texted Jake back with a simple "Yes Sir."  It was the first time i used that term in a text with him.

Jake called when he was minutes away and told me to be on my knees waiting for him.  It was about 3:30.  i knew he'd have to leave by 3:45 to be on time for his son's game.  We'd have about ten minutes.

Jake arrived at 3:35 and left just before 4 PM.  i had time to pleasure him twice.  Not once did i think about my own pleasure in the form of an orgasm, my submission was so strong and the feeling itself was pleasure enough for me.

Jake was especially dominant, wasting no time in telling me to take his cock into my mouth.  He held my head in place with both of his strong hands and made sure that i swallowed everything when he came the first time.  There was quite a bit, and I gagged several times.  i think my gagging made him even hornier.

His second orgasm took a little longer but was just as satisfying; to both of us.  He pulled out and came all over my face.  His warm semen felt wonderful, so did licking it off his fingers when he was finished cumming.

Before i knew it, he was putting his pants on and looking at his watch.  He apologized for being so rushed, and told me he would make it up to me.  Before he left he told me how awesome i was today.  "A real good girl" was what he called me.

He thanked me and was out the door on the way to his son's game.  When he thanked me i said "You're welcome" just out of habit.  i should have actually thanked him for making me feel the way i did.


sissy terri