A Cuckolding WIfe's Frustrations

It's been more than a week since i've posted, mostly because there hasn't been that much of interest going on around here, much to Diane's disappointment.  i also had to go away for a couple of days this week on a consulting assignment and just returned late last night.   At least some of that's about to change.  i'm seeing Jake on Friday, hosting him here in the afternoon.  i'm looking forward to it with more than the usual excitement.

Brian's inability to hook up with Diane last week and this week has left Her very disappointed.  She understands that his situation is far different than Her's.  Brian's affair with Diane needs to be kept secret from his wife, so he can't just meet with Diane anytime he wants.  However, Diane's quick to point out that even though She understands, Her understanding does nothing to relieve Her sexual needs.

Even though i've fully accepted my role as Her submissive wife, those words still sting at times.  i know Diane loves me and She reaffirms that love every single day, reassuring me often that as much as our marriage has changed, She never wants to be without me as a partner.  She also understands how i feel at times.

The bottom line is that when Diane expresses Her disappointment and bemoans Brian's absences from Her sex life, She's also dismissing my ability to fulfill Her sexual desires; those She would expect from a "real man."  i used to fantasize about hearing those words from Diane, and those fantasies never failed to arouse me.  Now that i finally hear them once and awhile, it's a far different feeling.  The immediate arousal isn't there.  It's replaced by a deeper more emotional evaluation of what my role is in our marriage.  Strangely, even though the words are difficult to hear, they're an important part of my emotional fulfillment as Her submissive.

We're going away for a few days next week.  Diane's attending a conference and wants me to come along.  Her friend Linda will also be going but without her husband.  Diane's hoping that she'll be able to see Brian before we leave Wednesday afternoon.  That means he'd have to be in town either tomorrow, Monday or Tuesday.  Weekends are out for him for obvious reasons, although they've talked about a weekend in late May when his wife and kids will be away and he might be able to visit her.  One thing i know for sure:  Diane's not willing to wait that long!

i also want to thank everyone who's sent me notes or commented on my tumblr blog.  i couldn't believe that a few days ago i went over 1000 followers!  That blog complements this one in some ways.  You're typically not going to find any nudity there (maybe just a little) or graphic pictures of sexual acts (although i do fantasize about those too!).  It's more or less a collection of pictures, artwork or general thoughts about things i find feminine and sexy.  i love photographic or artistic expressions of all types of women in beautiful femininity!

  Stop by and take a peek :)


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