A New Blog & A Frustrated Wife

my Wife Diane and i have been into FemDom for awhile, but it's really only been recently that we've ratcheted up our lifestyle into a 24/7 relationship that even includes Her cuckolding me.  Before that, She was always the Dominant partner, but becasue of many real life situations like children, our careers and other things, it was more of a fantasy thing.  It was a life we could slide in and out of at our convenience.

Similar to that, it's easy for a submissive sissy male to fulfill many of his fantasies sexually by slipping on some lingerie, dressing en femme, or somehow getting his "fix."  There's not much permanency to such a solution and the needs always return.  Wearing feminine lingerie, especially at the direction of someone else can be powerfully symbolic of a power dynamic that exists, but even that can disappear just as fast as the panties come off.

i discovered a new blog the other day that has me quite interested.  The blog is called As She Pleases and is written by a young couple who are engaged to be married.  They both seem to be professionals and Nicole, the dominant partner seems quite confident in what she wants.  Her submissive, Gerald who goes by the feminine name of jennifer, seems like he will do anything for Nicole.

Recently, Nicole has insisted that Gerald/jennifer change his surname to hers when they are married.  Naturally he is struggling with it and why wouldn't he?  It's very unusual to see a man change his last name to his wife's.  Doesn't something like this have all the permanency that so many of the other D/s activities lack?

i'm sure there are things that are probably more extreme symbols of showing one's submission to another.  But in my opinion, this has to be one of the more powerful things that could happen in a FemDom marriage.  The fact that i view it that way, and i don't think i'm alone, only goes to show how our society still is very male-dominated.  Check out the blog.  It's new, and some blogs fade away pretty quickly.  i hope this one continues.

Here, Diane is frustrated by not hooking up with Brian before we leave tomorrow for several days.  She'll be attending a conference and i am going with Her.  Her friend Linda will also be there.  Brian couldn't free himself last night or tonight, so they won't see each other until next week at the earliest.  She's not happy.

"Make sure you pack your head harness and my favorite dildo" She told me before She left this morning.  Looks like i may be trying to fill in for Brian, in a sissy sort of way. 


sissy terri