A Happy Easter & Bunny Girls

i hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.  The visit from our two daughters turned out to be quite an exciting weekend for all of us.  There was one particular moment that i have to share with you that made both Diane and i feel so very proud.

Our oldest daughter has been going out with a very nice young man for nearly two years now.  Diane and i knew that it was pretty serious but didn't harass her about it and minded our own business (at least i know i did!).  On Easter morning the phone rang at our house and Diane answered it.  It was our oldest daughter's boyfriend and after Diane and he exchanged Easter greetings, He asked if i was around so that he could wish me a happy Easter as well.

He wished me a happy Easter but he also had a question for me.  You probably guess it by now, but he asked me for my oldest daughter's hand in marriage!  i was just floored and flabbergasted!  i didn't think kids did that type of thing anymore.  To say i was impressed would be an huge understatement.  Naturally, my daughters were in on this all along and once i had given him my "permission" i handed the phone to my daughter for her to formally accept the proposal.

The surprises weren't over.  After the phone call, my daughter went back to her room upstairs and came back with a small box that had her engagement ring!  She had brought it with her and waited until the boyfriend had called to tell us on Easter morning!  Both Diane and i were filled with tears of joy.   Naturally, the rest of their stay here was spent planning the wedding, deciding on a date (nothing confirmed yet but we are shooting for the fall depending on availability of certain venues) and just spending as much money as possible! 

One woman alone can spend plenty of money.  Three of them together?  It's frightening!

Things just got back to normal around here a few hours ago.  Both our daughters had departing flights today and i'm back into my usual housewife role.  Diane went into the office this afternoon while i brought our youngest to the airport.  When i returned home, i changed into my feminine attire and was soon staring at plenty of housework, laundry, ironing and errands that should keep me busy for the rest of the week.   I'm wearing one of my prettiest aprons and ready to get to work.

On Easter Sunday, i used my tumblr site A Married Sissy to post pictures of cute "Bunny Girls" throughout the day.  The website allows you to schedule posts ahead of time and that's what i did.  i didn't spend as much time on the project as i should have, but i was still able to find a nice assortment of girls dressed in bunny costumes, as playboy bunnies and others with an Easter bunny theme. 

i've always found such outfits exciting and overly feminine.  They seem to add an element of sexy submissiveness as well.  So my effort on tumblr was just a way to express one of my sissy fantasies.  i'll bet i'm not the only sissy who has such a fantasy!

Diane spoke with Brian a couple of times while our daughters were here but only briefly.  She seems a little disappointed that She won't be seeing him this week but understands.  We're still so happy about our daughter's engagement that little could dampen our spirits this week!