Babydoll Boy

It's been a busy week, but not busy enough where i couldn't at least post a couple of times.  However, it's been a pretty emotional week for me.  And maybe for Diane as well.  Predictably, to some readers and some who have left comments, i'm beginning to struggle with Diane's decision to cuckold me with Brian.  We knew it wouldn't be easy and some struggles were to be expected, but i'm having a much more difficult time than She is.

And therein lies one of the problems i guess.  She's enjoying Herself tremendously.  But that's only one of the issues i've had to deal with this week.  The other involves Diane's close friend Linda.  Linda's also having an affair with a married man, so i suppose it would be natural that the two of them would share things.  However, i never thought that Diane would share that i know about Her and Brian.  i almost died when She told me that. 

Part of what led to Diane doing so had to do with how turned on i get when Diane would verbally tease me about telling Linda about me being a sissy cuckold.  Linda's very attractive and Diane knows that i think she's very sexy, so She's often brought up Her name in our fantasy play scenes.  Many involve me serving the two of them as a sissy maid or even being disciplined in front of Linda.  So apparently during one of their more intimate discussions, when Linda asked how Diane made it look so easy to meet up with Brian, She explained to Linda how i knew about it and was ok with it. 

Diane insists the conversation was in the strictest confidence, and that Linda doesn't know that Diane told me about it.  So when Linda's around, i'm supposed to act like she knows nothing about my being a willing cuckold. 

i'm also jealous that Diane seems to have none of the emotional issues that i'm dealing with.  i'm jealous and envious of the calm and collected way She's dealing with all of this.  i made a comment that got Her upset.  i told Her that i felt She was exploiting my submission.  She doesn't see it that way at all.  She feels She's helping me with it, nurturing it, and providing an open environment where i can experience what i truly want. 

It's an emotional roller coaster.  Everything that's happened are things that i've fantasized about before and got turned on when i did.  Yet when they happen and i have to live through them,  get all emotional about it.  When it's all over though, admittedly there's a certain fulfillment that i do enjoy.

i do have a date with Jake tomorrow.  i'm hosting him here at home where i'll have the house to myself all day.  Diane won't be home until 7 PM.  I'm also going shopping today for something to wear for Jake.  He wants to see me in a baby blue short nighty.  Pretty specific.  i love the dominance that specificity shows. 

i told Diane i was going shopping and got permission to buy the babydoll.  She thought it was pretty cool that i was going shopping to please my boyfriend.  She's already sent me a text asking:

"Has my babydoll boy done her shopping yet? xox D"

She knows how to push my sissy buttons.  That's one of the reasons i still love Her.