Sex for Sissies

Last week i received the following message on my Tumblr Blog, A married sissy, from an anonymous follower:

"Hi, I read your blog regularly and really enjoy it I was wondering whether you think you might ever have 'normal straight sex' again? and If you miss it?"
Since i couldn't respond to the anonymous questioner privately, i suppose he or she expected a public answer on my tumblr. blog.  i've thought about it for several days because it's a very intimate and personal question and decided just this morning to answer it her, with a link to this post on the other blog as well.

i made the decision to post the answer this morning because coincidentally, Jake asked me a very similar question when we met for coffee this morning.  We got to talking about some pretty personal things, among them our sex lives with our wives when he asked how often i had sex with Diane, sex meaning regular male-female intercourse.  i feel bad because i lied to him.  i told him we had sex about once per week, sometimes more, sometimes less.  i also volunteered that i performed oral sex on her more often, since it was something she enjoyed, and that my estimate of regular sex once per week was probably a little on the high side.

Jake doesn't know that i'm a cuckold and that Diane gets her enjoyment of "normal straight sex" from her boyfriend Brian.  He also doesn't know that it's been a very long time since i've had this type of sex with Diane.

Before i answer the question, i want to tell you about something that happened about a month ago when i was pleasuring Diane.  She had just had a very powerful orgasm, one that was more intense than usual.  While between her thighs, i became very, very aroused at how excited she seemed; more aroused than usual.  As her orgasm began to subside, i had a strong urge to make love to her like a man does.  My penis was hard, stiff and felt larger than usual.  i wasn't about to force myself on her by any means but felt like gently inserting myself into her very, very well-lubricated vagina.  i got up from between her thighs, knelt between her legs and held my penis against her vaginal opening and looked at her with a smile.  Diane had other ideas....

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" she said with a grin of her own as she gently pushed me away, "What do you think you're doing?"

i really wanted her, if for no other reason than to feel the warmth of her vagina envelop my penis, knowing that her lover was there on a regular basis.  i stammered a bit and said "i just thought i could make love to you just a little."  It sounded so stupid after i said it.

"You know better than that" she said.  "Now be a good sissy and lick me again."

It made me even hornier.  i did lick her again, this time the orgasm taking a little longer but in the end, she seemed to enjoy it just as much.  As i licked her, i thought about how she had just dismissed me.  When her orgasm began, the humiliating manner in which she had  rebuked my efforts and told me to return to my licking duties was too much for me.  i came at the same time she did and messed the sheets of the bed.

Just a few moments later, after i submissively apologized for messing the sheets, she said "I don't know what's gotten into you.  All this aggression and lack of discipline.  Maybe you do need a chastity belt."  i don't think i'll end up in chastity because Diane thinks they're too much work and She hasn't expressed an interest in them.

As a sissy, i do get a fair amount of sex.  But the sex is always on Diane's terms, or when i'm with Jake, his terms. i provide them with sex and in turn, they also provide me with pleasure when they see fit.  i'm allowed to masturbate in front of them and with Diane, She sometimes enjoys stroking me softly until i cum.  i've also had orgasms while Diane takes me with Her strap-on, and those are very enjoyable.  That's the extent of sex for sissies, and it's probably as it should be.

Will i ever have "normal straight sex" again?  i don't think i will.  It might happen, but i think it's unlikely.

Do i miss it?  Yes, i do miss it.  However, i don't miss it nearly as much as i once did.  My needs to have "normal straight sex" seem to diminish the more i get into the married sissy lifestyle.