Wifey Stuff

My part-time consulting commitment has been rather slow lately.  It should have given me more time to blog but it hasn't worked out that way.  A couple of other things came up this past week which kept me away from the computer.  And, my consulting thing is going to heat up in a couple of weeks when the next phase of the project starts.

In the meantime, Diane's kept me focused on more "wifey things" as She likes to call them.  The list of to-do's seems to get longer every day.  Our house looks spotless, with not one thing out of place.  Washing floors, walls, windows, and anything else you can think of that can be washed keeps it looking that way.  There's also plenty of reorganizing, filing, cleaning out the garage, etc.  It never seems to end. 

Since i'm dressed all the time when at home, all of the housework is done en-femme, which definitely puts me in the housewife mood, but doesn't take away from much of the drudgery.  i change into more suitable attire when i go out to run errands, only to get back into my women's clothing when i return home.

i made a couple trips to the dry cleaners this week to bring some clothes Diane took out of our large cedar closet that She plans on wearing this fall.  She would take them out and lay them on the bed before She left for work, telling me they were to be taken to the dry cleaners.  Yesterday, amid the half dozen or so items She left, was one of my maids uniforms that i hadn't worn in a while. 

"It could use a cleaning" She said.

It's a satiny black uniform, with a flared skirt edged with lacy ruffles.  There are also ruffles at the arms and neckline and a sewn in white ruffly bib front.  It clearly has the look of a costume more than a working maids outfit.  Someone seeing it would definitely know it wasn't meant for everyday maids work.

It was embarrassing to bring it to the dry cleaners.  The young girl (probably a high school aged teen working a summer job) smiled and said "Oh this is so cute" when she took it.  i had a nervous giggle and couldn't help blushing a little.  i wondered what she thought.  If she only knew what i was  wearing underneath my shorts and shirt!

Yesterday was also the start of my "period", two days earlier than i had planned.  The tampon and pad i were also set out by Diane yesterday morning.  Those two items are far more telling of my lifestyle and status than the  maids uniform i brought to the dry cleaners.