A Cuckold Night

Tonight's a cuckold night.  I'm home alone and Diane is spending the night with Brian and a rather upscale hotel downtown.  She's been primping for it all week; purchasing new lingerie, getting a pedicure and manicure at the spa, and overall just being obsessed with seeing Brian tonight.

i traveled a bit this week on business and this part-time job is becoming a grind for both me and Diane.  She wants me to quit and has given me an ultimatum.  Either my hours reduce dramatically or i'll be forced to resign.  "Your housewife duties are suffering and I'm not going to put up with it" She said.  i understand our contract and She's right.  "Don't you miss being a full time housewife?" She said laughingly.

Her teasing might be the same but it seems a little more pointed lately.  Maybe i'm just being overly sensitive.  She's also becoming more dominant and in some ways, i feel She's being a little less "careful" about Her affair with Brian.  Meeting him at the hotel tonight is an example of what I mean.

Before She left this morning She reminded me that i was due to start my period today.  The box of tampons and a pad were left on the vanity for me to use.  Maybe that's why i'm feeling overly sensitive.