A Happy Sissy

At last night's party (where everyone seem to have a very good time) whenever Diane introduced me to guests i hadn't met before or hadn't seen in a long time, She never failed to point out that i was the one who "did all the work for the party, including cleaning the house and doing all the decorating.  i didn't have to lift a finger."  Sometimes She would add how nice it was to have a stay-at-home husband to do all these things.

As the evening went on, i realized how happy She was and when it came to the party preparations i had done, She seemed very proud of me.  It was more than Her just enjoying Her dominant role in our relationship and taking advantage of my submission.  Instead, i really felt Her happiness with me, with who i was and what i can provide for Her.

The house did look beautiful and i worked very hard to make sure everything was just so.  We received so many compliments.  Even though we did have a caterer prepare much of the food, there were some things i prepared myself and enjoyed the compliments that came my way.

When everyone had gone home i was ready to start cleaning up but instead Diane told me to let it wait until this morning.  "You did a wonderful job!" She told me and gave me a lovely kiss.  We went upstairs and She asked me if i was too tired to worship Her.  It's usually not asked of me, rather i just do what i'm told.  "i'm never too tired for You" i told Her.  She had a wonderful orgasm and promised me i'd have my turn sometime today.

As i look back it was a very satisfying evening for me.  i made Diane happy and enjoyed myself in the process.  i'm still anxious about the New Year and how things are going to go with Brian, but things like this help make it a little bit easier.