A Housewife's Holiday Duties

Holidays can be fun but it seems like every year we find ourselves rushing around at the last minute, despite our earlier promises to avoid all the commercialism and craziness. 

This year, it's been my job to coordinate everything to do with the holidays.  This includes most all of the shopping for gifts, responding to party invitations, decorating the house and getting ready for the party we are hosting here at our home tonight.  "It's what stay at home housewives do" Diane insists.

The fact that She's entrusted me with all this work makes me feel very special in some ways.  It's quite a bit of work and She's checked in with me regularly on my progress.  I've only had to return and exchange a few of the gifts I bought and so far, Diane's been quite pleased with what i've accomplished. 

Tonight's the big event though.  We'll have about 50 people attending the party.  Some of our friends and some of Diane's co-workers.  One of the guests will be Her friend Linda.  Linda knows about Diane and Brian and just recently, Diane's shared more information about our lifestyle with Her.  Diane said Linda suspected all along that i was submissive and i think She's right.  It's still difficult for that "secret" to be out. 

i'm happy to be blogging again but finding it a little more difficult to share all the emotions i feel and the anxiety over what's around the corner with Brian.  Fantasies are crafted in one's mind over a long period of time and conveniently never deal with realities.  i'll be facing those realities soon and it's difficult.

For now, i'm enjoying being me:  A married sissy, submissive to my Wife and happy.  i hope Her happiness will be enough to keep me happy in the coming months.