A Sissy's Musings

i really want to thank everyone who's left comments here, sent me emails, become a follower of this blog or my tumblr blog for their interest as well as their support since i began this little venture of mine.  i have to admit that there have been some difficult days as i struggle with what lies ahead and what it means for my relationship with Diane.  Throughout it all, She's always expressed Her love for me and kept telling me that She always wants me to be a part of Her life.

The two blogs have helped me to express myself in somewhat of a private yet public way.  i can retain some anonymity while at the same time share my feelings with a growing number of friends.  In some ways i wish the blog was more interactive.  Some posts get more comments than others and that's certainly understandable.  i write what i feel and sometimes about things that interest me.  Naturally, those things aren't always going to be topics that interest all of my readers, so comments tend to vary.  But do know that i love it when you comment.

i also made the decision soon after i started these two blogs that i would leave out material that was in my opinion of an overly explicit sexual nature.  i do enjoy all of those things (yes, i do have a very kinky side) very much but i didn't want that to "take over" the blog and hide my attempts to share my inner feelings and emotions. 

i am happy to be blogging again.  i think i'm finding a balance; not worrying about blogging every day and taking several days off if i have to or just can't get to it.  i've adapted real well to being a housewife for Diane.  A couple of day's ago She said that this was the easiest and happiest holiday season She's had in years.  "It's all because of you" She added and gave me a passionate kiss.

The kissing continued upstairs in our bedroom.  i kissed Her all over and when She was satisfied several times, i was told to get Her strap-on.  As She made love to me, i thought about Her and Brian.  Especially how he had and would once again be making love to Diane in the same bed, in the same way as She was making love to me.  It's one of the main reasons She's so happy this holiday seasons, but one of the things i continue to struggle with.