Housewives at Christmas

We're headed to a neighbor's house tonight for a very informal holiday gathering.  One of the hosts (the husband) is a pretty talented piano player and there's always plenty of caroling.  Although, after a few cocktails i don't think anyone cares how good (or bad) they sound. 

Every year Diane brings boxes of home baked cookies for everyone.  They're always a hit (or so people say after they bring them home to share with their families or eat them all themselves.  We're still bringing the cookies this year except that this time,  i did the baking.  Under Diane's sometimes watchful eye and in my apron, i baked dozens and dozens of Her signature holiday cookies.

She did leave me unattended while She took a call from Brian around mid-afternoon.  i cringed a little when i heard Her tell Brian "Oh, she's baking cookies" then chuckle a bit.  i assumed he must have asked Her what i was up to.  The subject quickly changed to when they might get together again considering holiday schedules are difficult and he's going away for several days.

The exchange left me a little anxious again.  It was more evidence about just how much Diane has shared with Brian about my submission to Her and the role i play in our relationship.

i suppose the role wouldn't be that unusual for a dutiful housewife around the holidays.  Other than the embarrassment i experience at times, it doesn't feel unusual for me at all.