The Woman Inside

This year we traveled to celebrate New Year's with family.  We're still away and won't be back home until this weekend.  Diane's practice is closed and i don't have any consulting work lined up until mid-January so there is no rush to get back.  At least for me there isn't.  Diane misses the sex She has with Brian and they've talked a few times while we've been here.

Traveling and staying with family hasn't absolved me from being Diane's submissive "wife."  i'm still required to wear feminine undergarments all the time and i'm thankful for that.  Wearing male underwear just doesn't feel natural anymore.  Diane's insistence that i wear at least three items of female clothing all the time is not as difficult to follow.   Panties, hosiery of some sort and sports bras are pretty easy to conceal. 

Even though i'm used to wearing these things (and more) on a regular basis they still serve to remind me of my femininity and "the woman inside" of me.  The clothing may only be underneath my male clothes, but the femininity is deep inside. 

Staying with family makes it a little more difficult to blog but i hope I can post at least one more time before we leave.   i've continued to log on to tumblr (usually late at night or when i can) and posted some things i consider to be pretty and feminine.  i hope you enjoy my blog there as well. 

Happy New Year to everyone.  i'm anxious about 2013, wondering how my next step in the cuckolding process is going to go.  The anxiety is lessened by Diane's continued reassurances and Her expressions of love.  That's why i'm hopeful that 2013 will be a very good year.  i hope it is for all of you as well!