"Now Put Something Pink On!"

Our oldest daughter arrived last night and it was great seeing her.  After picking her up at the airport we came home, had a nice dinner and talked until the early hours of the morning!  Our other daughter comes in this afternoon and it's going to be nice to have the both of them here for several days.

In my last post I wrote about our daughters' presence here would necessitate a few minor changes to our lifestyle, especially those things that are visible.  We've done that but it's still a nice feeling to know that despite those little changes in my appearance, what i'm wearing or how we interact with one another in front of our daughters, Diane still is and always will be in charge.  i love that.

Early this morning when we finally said goodnight to our daughter and went to bed, i was the first one upstairs and changed into a pair of shorts and a college T-shirt.  i was in the bathroom flossing when Diane came in gave me one look and asked "What's this all about?" referring to my very non-feminine bedtime attire.  i usually wear a nightgown of some sort.

"i thought i'd be safe with the girls home" I told Her.

"For God's sake.  They're not little kids anymore.  They're not going to be running in here in the middle of the night complaining of a tummy ache or not being able to sleep" She said.  We both

"Now put something pink on" She told me as she patted my ass.

i did.  And i slept like a baby. 


sissy terri