Back to my sissy life

i had to spend the better part of the last two weeks helping out a member of our extended family who took sick. i accompanied Diane to Her conference but had to leave early to deal with this emergency.  Fortunately, the family member is doing better and on their way to recovery.  A change in lifestyle is going to be necessary (diet, more exercise, etc....not the kinky lifestyle) which is a challenge for many people.

While i was gone, i realized how much i missed the lifestyle Diane and i have together.  i wasn't able to express my submission to Her and live as Her submissive wife all the time like i do at home.  i would tell Her that every day when we talked, texted, or emailed each other.  It was so heartwarming to hear Diane tell me that She missed it also.  "I love what we have, and having you as my wife" She told me.  i realized how lucky i am in many ways.

Diane on the other hand hasn't been as lucky when it comes to Her relationship with Brian.  They got together last week while I was gone and Brian broke the news to Her that his company was sending him on an assignment back east for six months.  The news, combined with Diane's increasing frustration with Brian's inability to meet with her often enough, seems to spell the beginning of a demise in their relationship. 

Diane's also been a little frustrated with Brian's anxiety or reluctance to "get the whole cuckolding concept."  She feels that despite the progress She made with that, there was always a feeling that Brian wasn't totally comfortable with it.  They're likely still going to see each other when it's possible, but this most recent news is causing Diane to think about looking elsewhere.  She realizes that as much as She enjoyed the sex with Brian, it was probably never going to develop to the point She wanted it to.

i've reflected on all of this and realized that it leaves me as a passive and obedient observer as Diane contemplates what She's going to do.  She wants to have a lover, but it has to be the right one.  Where to find this Mr. Right is the million dollar question.

In the meantime, i am doing my best to be a good submissive wife for Her.  She loves me, and assures me that things will work out.  "I'm very patient" She told me last night, "and I still have you to satisfy me whenever i want, just not like a real man."

With that, i'm back to my sissy life and doing whatever i can to please my lovely Wife Diane. 


sissy terri