A Very Sissy Sunday

Diane's recent disappointments with her likely ex-lover Brian over the past couple of months haven't dampened Her Dominance over me at all.  Neither have they lessened Her playfulness when it comes to keeping me interested in being Her submissive wife.

We spent parts of Friday night and Saturday discussing how She wants to go about finding a new lover.  She's admitted that She's very picky and although that's part of the problem, it's also one of the things i love about Her.  She doesn't want to settle for just anyone.  Diane brought up an interesting option which i hadn't thought about at all.

"Why not look for another married couple" She suggested, "one where the husband is dominant and the wife submissive.  He might be interested in cuckolding another man, and enjoy having his submissive wife play along."  i had to admit that it certainly sounded intriguing and maybe She sensed some excitement on my part because She made it clear not to get any thoughts about my possible involvement with the other woman.  Not surprising.

Diane's working on putting a posting together, although She's still not sure the best avenue to start this search.

We also talked about Diane posting here on the blog once and awhile.  i have it all set up for Her to contribute whenever She wants to and this weekend She promised me that She would, but in due time.  So earlier today, She surprised me by telling me that She had posted something on the blog!

i couldn't wait to log on and see what She had posted.  i was terribly disappointed when i didn't see a new posting and went to tell Her that She'd probably done something wrong because there was no new post.

"Look again, and look closely" was all She had to say.

i went back and sure enough, She had posted something on the "Daily Femme Delights" section - a picture of a pretty pink sissy dress She'd like to buy me so i can wear in front of Her "new lover."

All i can say is that She knows me like a book.  The picture and Her caption excited me immediately.

"Do you like it?" She asked.

"No, i love it" i told Her.

She lifted the hem of my skirt and fondled me through my panties.  i had to wait until She was finished what She was doing, but soon i was upstairs pleasing Her like a sissy pleases a woman.


sissy terri