Unfortunately, There's Nothing New

It's almost safe to say that Brian is now my wife Diane's "ex-lover."  He's gone back east for a six month assignment and for all intents and purposes, the affair they had going is over.  Diane's desire to find a lover went beyond just having sex with someone.  The sex was a large part of it, but so was the whole idea of openly cuckolding me with this lover. 

Brian was a convenient option for Her.  She knew him and thought that eventually, She could get him to accept this whole cuckolding lifestyle and adopt to the role of the Dominant Bull She so desperately wants.  That didn't work.  As much as She tried, there was always a reluctance on Brian's part to accept that role.  The reluctance, coupled with his lack of availability as often as Diane would have liked sort of doomed the relationship from the start. 

Diane is back to looking again, but hasn't quite pulled the trigger when it comes to posting ads on some of the more popular websites like Ashley Madison, Collar Me, or Fetlife.  Diane's reluctant to use the latter two options.  Admittedly, She's being a bit aloof when She thinks that they're not likely to attract the type of lover She wants.  But by the same token, She doesn't think that Ashley Madison (a site designed primarily for married people looking to have discreet affairs) will have many men actively looking to openly cuckold a woman's husband. 

Diane's also had several overtures from people She's worked with over the years, but She's just not into mixing business associations and pleasure, unless there are several degrees of separation.  i can't blame Her for that. 

i remain comfortable in my role as Her wife, dressing en femme every day and doing things that a normal stay-at-home housewife would do.  i pleasure Her in every way i can with the exception of the way a real man would, and She seems happy with me for that.  However, the void that exists in Her sex life right now is difficult to miss.  i see it and i feel it. 

When She really has the urge i'm made to wear a head harness with a dildo attached and She goes absolutely crazy  as She straddles me.  More so than She ever has.  It's a very submissive feeling.  i'm being objectified and it arouses me.  When it's over, She teases me about riding a sex toy that's protruding from my face while "the real thing" is staring her in the face.  Of course, She's referring to the erection i get every time i'm pressed into this type of service.

i did see Jake briefly last week.  He stopped by briefly so that i could service him.  i felt guilty.  i'm getting real cock and my Wife isn't. Hopefully that will change soon.  i want to see Her happy. 


sissy terri