Full Cut Panties

i did plenty of housework today, a little more than usual for a Tuesday.  Diane had left me a list of things to do and a few of them took longer than anticipated.  i'm very satisfied with myself though, i think my work was very thorough and of the highest domestic quality.

i'm also happy with how i've adapted and accepted my role in this relationship with Diane.  During our lovemaking last night, where She played Her usual role in penetrating me, She reminded me of that role; the one as Her wife.  And not just any wife, but a submissive wife.  i love the verbal aspect of lovemaking and it was so intimate and beautiful.  The best part was that i felt She enjoyed it as much as i did when it was all over.

She must have, because before She left for work today She told me to treat myself to a couple of pairs of luxury panties. "Go head and buy something online today" She said before kissing me goodbye.  What sissy can refuse that offer?  Not this one anyway.

So i did as i was told.  i love buying high end lingerie, items that cost way more than the panties youmight find in even an upscale department store.  The mere price of these things makes it feel naughty to buy and when you put them on, well....i think the price is worth it.

Diane did give me some instructions.  The panties were to be full cut and nothing trashy.  "Nothing over the top.  Not necessarily plain, but classy and feminine.  You knowwhat I mean" She laughed.  i hope i did.

i chose two similar pair, one pink and one white.  i've bought many feminine garments and other lingerie online, but today's  shopping felt pretty special.  Maybe it was last night's lovemaking, or the domestic things i did today, or just a good feeling about where i am in my life with Diane.  Most likely, it was a combination of the three and more things.

Anyway, i hope you like the panties.  i can't wait for them to get here!


sissy terri