Your Sissy Opinion?

i love to look as feminine as possible when i'm with Jake and it seems like he's beginning to enjoy my being that way more and more.  So i'm always looking for a special outfit i could wear for him or surprise him with.

The outfits i particularly enjoy for these type of fantasy get together are pretty varied, but they tend to be the ultra girly type outfits, ones with plenty of lace and ruffles, little girl outfits, sissy maids, etc.  Others might be more retro or plain looking, but just scream "femme" when you look at them.

i saw this particular photo on tumblr today and re-posted it on my own tumblr blog.  When i posted it, i asked if anyone thought it was too "sissyish"?  i'd love to wear something like this for Jake and eventually fall to my knees and make him happy....

i found this on the tumblr blog "La Petite Fille", but couldn't track where it was originally from.

i'd love to hear your opinions.  Either way, i'm on the lookout for a dress like this!


sissy terri