Deeper Submission, Cuckolding & Daddy's Little Girl

This may sound so silly to my readers - if i still have any left after not posting in so long - but i've been a little anxious about posting.  i have so much that i want to share and that's part of the problem.  The length of time between posts causes this, but so do the emotional swings i'm going through.  i'll do my best to get my feelings "out there" and hope you all understand.

Diane has fully embraced Her dominant role in our marriage, something that i never thought would happen when all of this first started.  i can honestly say that She is now far more dominant than i ever imagined She'd be, and it often goes further than i want it to.  She's come to the conclusion that it's what She wants, and knows She can have it. 

Diane's quest to find a lover took a break while we were on vacation for a little more than two weeks.  She continued to correspond a little with the three men She had decided were worth pursuing, but during that correspondence, She realized that only one was the type of man She was looking for.  During this time, She also shared with me that there was another man.  It was someone She worked with and they'd exchanged a few casual flirtatious remarks.  They have a lunch date scheduled next week. 

When we returned from vacation, Diane had a meeting with the lone gentleman from Her initial search and it was a huge disappointment.  He misrepresented his physical description for starters.  Diane wanted someone at least 5'11" or taller.  His claim that he was 6'0" was an obvious lie.  Less obvious was his misstating his professional status.  There was no attraction whatsoever. 

Diane's new potential lover does pose a few minor problems.  For starters, it's never a good idea to mix work with any type of romance.  However, the nature of their profession and the difference in their positions makes it a bit easier.   The other issue is that Diane and I both had the same profession, only in different fields, and I know this man.  He's not a close friend but we do know one another.  He's younger than the both of us, very good looking and masculine and it's obvious why a woman would be attracted to him.  He's also married. 

Diane definitely has a physical attraction to "Paul" and knows that he has one for Her.  Last week She told me that She's not going to insist that Paul agree to full blown cuckolding like She insisted upon with other suitors.  Instead, if he needs reassurance, She's going to tell him about our "arrangement."  Not all of it, but basically that She can have a lover if She wants.  In Her opinion, if Paul is into the whole cuckolding thing, then it's "a bonus."

My ultimate cuckold fantasies of being present when another man makes love to my wife and all the different things that can take place may never be realized.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  i'm having a difficult time accepting some aspects of my increasingly submissive role in my marriage, so i'm sure i'd have a more difficult time with the extreme cuckolding.

i'm also seeing Jake again and that's fulfilling my bisexual and feminine needs.  He's become a bit more aggressive with me and i wonder if that will continue and if so, how far he wants to go.  The last time we were together he really enjoyed calling me "Daddy's little girl" while i sucked him.  i loved it.

i'll try to post more often.  Promise.


sissy terri