Primping and Preening for Jake

i'm going to see Jake one day this week, either Thursday or Friday.  Last week we had talked about playing a round of golf together but today, he told he would much rather see me spending time on my knees and pleasing him.  The comment arose some pretty submissive, sexy and feminine feelings within me, and it made me feel special.

i get a very sensual thrill getting ready for these meetings with Jake.  Sometimes i wish he would be a little bit more authoritative and demanding when it comes to how he would like me to dress for him, greet him, etc., maybe even giving me very specific instructions to follow before his arrival.  i've hinted as much and i always ask him if there's anything special he'd like me to wear for him.  Most of the time his response is a simple "surprise me" but once and awhile he does tell me he wants me to wear something he's seen me in before and enjoys. 

i'm hoping we're able to spend at least a couple of hours together this week.  Most likely we will but that can always change.  Since he hasn't given me any specific instructions, i'm going to do my best to get fully dressed and made up for him.  Wig, makeup, and maybe even a touch of a perfume he likes (i do have to be careful to put just a little, trying not to leave a lingering scent on him). 

The preparation i go through each time puts me in a very feminine frame of mind, as much as adopting the femme role in the sex we have.  Perhaps even more. 

Sometimes, the sex that follows is way too quick.  If it's been awhile since we were together, it takes little time for him to put me on my knees and demand that i please him. 

The woman within me would love slow and extended foreplay, but the submissive sissy in me knows that my role is to please my man and do what i'm told.

But even though i may have spent an hour or more to get my makeup just right and it might be a mess in a matter of minutes,  i still get plenty of satisfaction from my submissiveness.


sissy terri