From Panties to Purses

Most men who crossdress or did so at one time in their lives probably had their first experiences with a pair of panties.  Panties were my first fascination and if they belonged to someone, which in the earliest days of crossdressing they always did, there was a feeling that it made it okay because you were sexually attracted to the girl or woman they belonged to.  Later, those feelings changed and i struggled with the guilt that comes with gender identity issues.

i wear panties 24/7 now, and it's at the insistence of my dominant wife.  It's something i dreamed about years ago, being made to do such a thing.  But now that it's a reality, most of the naughtiness and excitement is gone.  It's routine, and it's mandatory.  i'll probably never wear men's underwear again.

At one tie, there was a humiliation attached to wearing panties, especially when someone else (like Diane's former lover Brian or her friend Linda) became aware of it or actually saw me in panties, but much of that is gone now.  i wear them all the time and for the most part, remain unseen by the people i meet and see every day.

There's something that does cause me quite a bit of embarrassment though.  It's when Diane makes me hold Her purse when we're out shopping.  She does it often because She knows how it makes me feel.  And She chooses to do it at the most conspicuous of times.

Diane did it today when we were in a Nordstrom's, she taking her time looking at dresses, slacks, blouses and yes, lingerie.  I had the purse slung over my shoulder the whole time.  It's the way She wants me to carry it.

The purse wasn't a color that blended real well with what i was wearing.  Instead, it was a very bright, almost neon type color that went perfectly with Diane's summery and sexy outfit.

i became very noticeable with the purse slung over my shoulder for more than an hour.  No doubt part of my self consciousness was because i was also wearing panties and a pair of ladies dockers.  The other, and most contributing part was the fact that Diane was making me carry it, and being Her submissive, i obeyed. 


sissy terri