Feeling Like a Cuckold

Just before we left for vacation, the consulting work i had been doing came to an end.  My contract with the company i was consulting with expired and much to their surprise i told them i wasn't interested in renewing it.  i agreed to stay on but only on an emergency type basis.  Since then i've done a few small projects but eventually, it will be all over with.

The extra money was good and will pay for our daughter's wedding, but the travel and time commitment and the "interference" it brought to our lifestyle caused a few minor problems.  First, Diane wants a full-time submissive wife.  The increasing dominance She's been displaying that i wrote about in my last post doesn't fit with the many distractions the consulting job created.  "Interference" is what She called it.

The other thing is that it was also difficult for me to weave in and out of these two separate and distinct worlds.  At home, with the exception of when our daughters or other guests visit (other than Diane's best friend Linda), i'm a submissive housewife or sissy to Diane - all the time.  It's who i am now.  When i was working and traveling from home, i would find myself wanting to be back and being myself, not the authoritative expert in my field like i was supposed to be on the job.  It's hard to explain but i hope you understand. 

Last night Diane got a call from Paul, her new romantic interest.  It surprised me a little bit because as far as i knew they'd only had some casual flirtations with one another at work.  He'd never called her before so something had to have happened to prompt this phone call.  She told me later that they had run into each other that afternoon and had coffee in one of the hospital cafeterias.  "There was the usual flirting" Diane said "but I decided to cut to the chase."  Typical Diane.  Now, next week's lunch date might be more than just ceasar salads and ice tea.

The call came pretty late and not long after it was time for bed.  Diane was laying in bed reading when i came out of the bathroom wearing a short pink nighty.  She usually doesn't comment about what i'm wearing to bed because it's become so routine, but last night She gave me an approving look and told me how cute i looked.  "How about a nice licking" She asked me.  There wasn't a dominant tone to her request, but it wasn't anything i could refuse, not that i wanted to.

As i settled between her thighs and began to kiss her privates with my usual devotion, i noticed that She was already quite aroused.  No doubt the call from Paul had caused this.  It caused an erotic stirring within me, knowing that the juices of arousal that i was tasting from my Wife's pussy had been caused by another man.  Paul hasn't even made love to Diane yet, and i already felt like his cuckold. 


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