Accepting Some Changes

i haven't posted in awhile because i'm having a difficult time dealing with the changes that are taking place in my relationship with Diane.  Because of that, i have a hard time putting my feelings into words.  Eventually i will but right now i can't.

On the "home front", Diane has become much more dominant and demanding.  That's been coupled with a reduction in the amount of sex she demands from me.  i worship her on demand but not as often as i once did. 

She also wasted little time in becoming involved with Paul, her new lover.  i'm being cuckolded, but not involved in any way in their fun.  Diane doesn't see my involvement changing.  She's happy to enjoy Paul just the way it's going on now. 

Diane's also shared details of our relationship with her best friend Linda, whom she trusts deeply.  Last week, Linda saw me dressed in a maids uniform as i served the two of them lunch.  It was set up as a display of Diane's dominance over me.  It was something i had fantasized about for so long, yet had a difficult time accepting it when it finally happened. 

i haven't seen Jake since the last time i wrote about it.  He's been traveling on business and it seems as though his interest in me has wanted.  i opened up to him the last time we were together that i would like him to be more dominant, even suggesting that i craved for a "Dom Daddy" type.  Perhaps that scared him away.

So that's where i am right now.  You can probably sense my feelings, even though i haven't really tried to expound on them here.

i'm just in a funk, experiencing what it means to be a real submissive.


sissy terri