Back Soon

i'm slowly coming out of my funk and will post more details soon.

i realize that so many of the things i fantasized about four or five years ago have come to fruition and i'm not happy.  i seem to want more and i feel like an ungrateful and selfish submissive.

Diane is still with Paul and i am a full blown cuckold, just not directly involved in the sex they have.  That may never happen and i have to come to grips with that.

i also feel that my submission to Diane is something so routine now that She takes it for granted.  

i haven't seen Jake in a few weeks and that's also put me in a down mood.

i wonder why i require so much attention?

My tumblr blog has been very active however.  It's been an outlet to express my femininity in a somewhat non-sexual fashion.

Thanks to those of you who have left comments, written me here or on tumblr.  Your kindess and thoughtfulness help very much.


sissy terri