Simple Sissy Saturday

Diane went into the office today, even though it's closed.  She had a busy week and says She has to catch up on things.  She could easily catch up on those things here.  i wouldn't be a distraction.  I'm sure part ofHher "catching up" might include a visit from Paul. 

She understand the funk i am in and is helping me get and stay out of it but under Her terms. 

"Be looking pretty for me when I get back this afternoon.  I'll call you" She told me  She also added that She owed me a spanking.  i asked Her what i did wrong. 

"I read your blog post last night.  Did you forget the rules about capitalization?" She said.

i told her i hadn't but had probably made a mistake. 

She left without a comment.  It was a small exchange but one that made me feel like i was getting back into Her life, O/our life.  What i did, or didn't do, mattered to Her.  i felt ignored, insignificant but at the same time important.  Sounds crazy but that's how i felt.

i'd put on simple white cotton panties today.  Nothing fancy but they make me feel feminine and like a housewife. 

But now i know that i'll have to change into something prettier for my spanking, and that makes me feel as good as i have in a long time!


sissy terri