Extreme Sissification

Many sissies have fantasies of being outed, put on display in front of others while wearing the most extreme sissy clothing possible.  It's about the effect that humiliation has on them.  i'm not a psychiatrist so i can't explain it.  But i know the feeling. 

Here are a few sissy outfits that i think fall into that category.  When i see these, i can't help but think about being made to wear something like this in front of my Wife Diane's girlfriends or Her Lover Paul...

Sissy outfit #1:

Sissy outfit #2:

Sissy outfit #3:

Which is your favorite?

If you have any "extreme sissy" outfits that you'd like me to show here, just send me an email and i'll be glad to share.  No nudity please.


sissy terri