Her Sissy "Gurlfriend"

Our return from vacation was marked by the typical catching up on things.  For me, there was plenty of laundry, errands and other various housework and domestic duties to tend to.  For Diane, even though She kept up with many work-related issues while we were away, there was still lots of catching up to do.  i also got called away for several days on a consulting job, something that wasn't supposed to happen until this week.  Now that it's done, i'm glad it's over and i can settle back and enjoy the summer at home.

For Diane, there's also lots of catching up to do with Her lover Paul.  They had ample time to do so while i was away last week and over the weekend.  Diane called my being called away on business "perfect timing" for Her to reconnect with Paul after an absence of more than two weeks. 

The two weeks away from Paul weren't totally sex free however.  The two of them had phone sex several times, two of which i was made to worship Diane while She talked with Paul.  i was told in no uncertain terms that i was to remain completely quiet so that Diane could maintain the ruse She's been playing since She's met Paul.   "The time isn't quite right yet" She says to let him in on my being Her "willing sissy cuckold."

i had an early morning dentist appointment today and was out of the house before Diane had left for the office.  When i returned i saw that She had left me a note with instructions on what She wanted done around the house today.  It's not unusual for Her to leave me a note like that if we haven't had a chance to talk much in the morning.  What was unusual was how She addressed the note.  Usually She addresses me as "sissy", "sissy terri" or "My sissy wife." Today's salutation was "My sissy gurlfriend."

i can't remember Her ever using that term before, but She did use it in a very endearing and loving way.  The tone and tenor of the message struck very accurately at my innermost feminine desires.

Diane always chooses Her words very carefully.  And when She puts them to paper, they're delivered with an even greater precision.  She reminds me of the aristocracy you might see on the PBS series "Downton Abbey", whose greetings, missives or comments are delivered so gracefully and never failing to miss their mark.

The salutation once again made me realize just how much i've changed, and how much She's changed me.  Despite being married to Diane, i play no real sexual role as Her husband in a traditional sense.  The sex we have together, as beautiful and real as it is, is like sex between two women, with one being dominant over the other.

i do tend to read too much into things but i hope i'm not just Her gurlfriend now.  i still want to be Her sissy wife.


sissy terri