In a Very Sissy Mood

My sissy crush on  "Big Dave" hasn't gone away.  Quite the opposite. Since we've been on vacation i've missed chatting with him and i find myself fantasizing about being as feminine as possible for him.  As i wrote before, Diane thinks the crush is cute and has teased me about it a little more while we've been on vacation.  i've admitted to Her that i've missed my little exchanges with him.

i haven't been able to check my emails every day but when i did this morning i was excited as a sissy school girl to get a message from Dave.  He's a very busy business owner and i always feel so special when he takes the time out of his day to write to me. 

The written word can be very sensuous and sexy.  Some people have a knack for writing that way.  But it's also dependent on the frame of mind of the reader and their perspective.  What i find sexy might not have the same effect on someone else, even another sissy.  Here's just a little bit of what Dave wrote to me....

miss sissy...

It's not a one-piece, but i bet Dave would like it!
I'm covered up with work while you frolic with the Mrs. Bra and panty night... aren't you the sissiest thing ever? Very few sissies still have a bikini body past their 20s but I love the tanlines on a gurl. Guess we'll have to let you wear a one piece at the beach, but with a big bow in back and a slender plug to give you that special sissy walk....

Well, i have to tell you that this message sent me into the most feminine of sissy swoons!  Seems like
so many things that turn me on are all captured in those first few sentences.

No wonder i've got a crush on Big Dave :)


sissy terri