Packing my Panties

i left early this morning for a very short trip to the LA area.  i'm here this afternoon and tomorrow and should be back home either late tomorrow night or at worse, late Wednesday morning.  Diane wants me back home in time for Her weekly meeting with Her lover Paul late Wednesday afternoon.  She wants me back so that i can be in the house while they're making love.  As i've done in the past, i'll be dressed and safely tucked into one of the guest bedrooms at the other end of the house. 

Prior to Diane's embracing our current lifestyle, we'd talked about downsizing here after our daughters were gone.  We haven't had that discussion lately until last night when She mentioned that having a large home has its advantages for things like this.  Her comment left me wondering  whether or not She would ever find a way to include me as the submissive cuckold in Her relationship with Paul.  i took the comment that it might no be on Her agenda anymore until She added that maybe someday i might be "a little closer to the action."

i've read fiction and blog posts about cuckolds being kept in cages, closets, basements or other places out of sight and probably even out of mind of their wives.  Compared to those i've read about, the accommodations i'll have on Wednesday afternoon while Diane and Paul have sex will be rather extravagant.

It only took me a few minutes to pack this morning for such a short trip and before putting my panties in the overnight bag i showed them to Diane and asked Her if they met with Her approval.  She thought for a moment before telling me that She wanted me to wear ruffled panties for each day of the trip.

"Wear some white ones today, yellow tomorrow and pink on Wednesday" She smiled. 

i obediently packed the ruffled panties shown here and wondered whether or not i'd be selected for an
extra security screening.  i made it through security this morning without a problem.  Hopefully i'll pass through easily on my return trip on Wednesday as well.

It's not as if it's a real problem, but having one's frilly panties seen by security personnel and possibly other passengers since the luggage isn't really screened in privacy can be rather embarrassing.  It could make for some rather interesting dinner conversation later in the day. 


sissy terri