Panty Decisions

"Are these okay for me to wear today Mistress?" i mumbled humbly before i slipped into my panties this morning.

"Yes.  Very pretty." Diane answered with a smile.

That's the way She wants things from now on.  i'm to receive permission from Her ahead of time
before putting on my panties for the day.  If i'm headed to the gym later and will be changing, i also need to seek permission ahead of time on what panties i may wear later that day.

So far, She's agreed with all of my selections.  i'm quite sure that won't always be the case.

In any Female Led Relationship, many decisions are stripped away from the submissive male either right at the outset or incrementally over time.  In our situation it's been the latter where Diane has taken away more and more of my decision making authority.  She's clearly the Head of Household and makes all of the important decisions.  And of course, She decides which are the important ones. 

The major financial decisions are all Hers and She gives me an allowance every month.  The female clothing i buy is handled separately and i ask permission before buying anything.  When i'm given the authority to make a decision, it's usually something meaningless and trivial.  So trivial in fact that it's humiliating to even be given the authority to make it.

Looking back, i'm able to see that all of this took a long time to happen.  All of this transfer of authority couldn't happen all at once in my opinion.  It would be too much to handle.  The way Diane's done it has given me the opportunity to adapt into the lifestyle and appreciate it even more.

At the end of the day, despite many disappointments and grumbling along the way, i have to admit i'm happier this way.


sissy terri