Sissy Panty Pleasures

As i sit in the guest bedroom this afternoon all by myself waiting for Diane and Her lover Paul to arrive and make their way to the master bedroom for an afternoon of fun together, what better way to pass the time than to share some pictures of pretty panties with my readers?

Here's one that immediately ignites my long-standing and unfulfilled desire to play with another sissy?  i haven't talked about it often here, but it's something i've always wanted to do.  Sure, a Dominant Man is my first bisexual interest, but a sissy sister would be nice to  (especially if she's wearing lovely thigh highs like these :)

Of course, i'd be wearing those beautiful panties!

Lesbian Paradise

i love the color and pattern of these panties and what looks like a matching chemise.  i'd probably prefer a something with a bit fuller cut but then, these would be perfect to receive a lovely over-the-knee spanking from somebody special.  Both the panties and the spanking would put me in the mood to do "you know what!"

Luxury Lingerie Shapewear

 Doesn't the pink ribbon just make this so perfect?  i can just imagine myself surprising my Dom/me with this.  i wonder what they'd think?  Could a sissy make themselves more submissive looking?  i think not!

Sexy Lesby

And lastly, here's something that would drive any sissy suitor wild.  Just prance out in front of him in these pretty panties and i'll bet he'll find you irresistible! 


It's going to be a long afternoon waiting for Diane and Paul to have their fun.  After he's gone, i'm wondering if Diane will make me wait here very long before She calls me out.  With Her decision to forego the use of condoms with Paul has raised the intensity level of my cuckolding and submissive status.  

i also have to say i have mixed feelings, emotions and desires about my new role.  Part of me doesn't look forward to be called upon after Paul leaves to worship and "clean" Diane's fully pleasured and beautiful body.

However, another part of me would be very disappointed if i wasn't made to do it.


sissy terri