It's Not As Easy As You Think

I know how hard my current situation is for you all to understand, but if you're one of the people who keeps saying, if you wanted to, you could get out of this please think for a second. Usually, right after telling me that if I stood up to the girls, I could get out if it without any trouble, they'll tell me they don't think I want to get out. That is exactly the attitude that my friends will have. That's exactly what I'm nervous about. My friends, family, and people at school will always be wondering if I wanted to do this.

The girls responsible for feminizing me are all very attractive, but they're also extremely cunning. They have so much to blackmail me with now. Some people have even told Jill and I that 4 girls can't overpower one guy. Even when the guys in question aren't that big. That's a picture of Heather. She's now a blackbelt in judo. She doesn't use physical force on me or anything, but it sure we no trouble for the girls to get me tied up or to control most any situation. Now, don't get me wrong they don't physically threaten me or anything, but that's just another thing that makes escape hard.