Makeup and Bras

It has been a tough tough weekend. I've had three trips out shopping and I'm still trying to get used to the rather realistic breasts and bra I'm now sporting. Come Wednesday I'm going to have to wear an unstuffed bra under my male clothes. I'm not really well endowed. They made Jill a C cup, but decided I'd look fine as a B. B is still very noticeable.

This morning Amanda was over at 8AM for 2 hours of makeup practice. She calls it tutoring, but she mostly just says, "no" and tells me to do it over. She fixed my makeup before she left and I'm now stuck dressed like a school girl until one of them returns and gives me permission to change. Heels have been a huge problem for me. They keep telling me that I'm shuffing like a guy, How do I make them see that I am a guy?

After this weekend, my closet has dresses and my drawers have lingerie. I should not have let things get this far.