Sorry I Got Behind

I'm sorry that I haven't updated in awhile, but I got hopelessly behind on some of the questions and this weekend was rather busy. I know that you heard about my makeup misadventures which are most notable because I could have gone out with my friends instead. I also had a major shopping trip in my week and I'm starting to see my closet fill up with dresses, tops, and skirts the same way that my underwear drawer filled up with bras, panties, and hose. I've heard a few people say that I must love this or I would have stopped it, but it all happens so fast. You're already wearing panties, is pantyhose going to matter that much or do you face the consequences? What difference will adding a bra make? It beats the alternative. The next thing you know, you're completely and unmistakably feminine. I don't claim to have had no choice in the matter whatsoever as much as the alternative has usually been much more attractive then resisting. I have resisted at times, but they're always prepared for it.