Anonymous said...

Hello Cindy, (thats a nice name)your blog sounds interesting to say the least, especially where you say that you have posed for at least 50 pictures?
What would you say were your top three and would it be possible to post them?
I hope you update things on a regular basis'

The three up top are the top 3 that I have posed for so far that I have. I don't have all the pictures I've posed for.
Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Stephanie and ive been a cross dresser all my life and I love it. I think you make a very cute girl. I have a question for you.
Do you like the feel of girls cloths on you and do you like looking like a girl? xoxo steph

Sorry, but I don't like the feel of girls clothes and I definitely don't like how I look.
Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,

I am really looking forward to reading your blog and wanted to ask you what you most enjoy about your transformation into a really, really cute sissy.


sissy isobel xx

I really haven't enjoyed any of it. I have cooperated because I don't have a choice, but that's not the same thing.