My New Blog with Jill

I wanted to give a plug for my new blog Sex and the Sissy which I will be doing with my girlfriend Jill. The blog will be flirtier and lighter than either of our individual blogs and we'll be writing about the things that interest us most like guys and shoes and parties. We'll also have sissy advice and it'll be a great place to ask us both a question at the same time. I'm currently working on an article that should be up soon:

Sex and the Sissy

I have a few questions to answer from the blog:

"are you saying that the feeling of your skirt brushing against your stocking-clad legs does not give you a frisson of sexual excitement? I would be most surprised if it did not...Please let me know. You have lovely, shapely legs by the way." -- Sissy Isobel

I do know what you mean, but they are such a bother and so uncomfortable sometimes. If I was sexually excited by wearing pantyhose, I'd be walking around aroused 24/7. Thank you for the compliment on my legs.

"is that your real hair cindy? its soooooooo girly? i'm surprised you can ever pass as a guy?"--Mandy

I did not have real long hair when this thing started. Maybe a bit long for a guy, but certainly not feminine length. I have several very high quality wigs that I wear. The girls keep telling Jill and I that over Summer, we can go together once a week for new hairstyles, but I don't really have enough hair yet. Jill does have passively feminine hair without a wig now, but wears one for more exciting styles.

"Cindy, congratulations on looking so cute, you have come a long way in such a short time. Could you please expand on two of the comments you make?

1)....is pantyhose going to matter that much or do you face the consequences?

2) I have resisted at times, but they're always prepared for it.

What are the consequences you mention and how are the girls prepared?

On a related note, if your at college do you have a room mate (if so what's their take on things) or are you lucky enough to have a place of your own?

On the bright side, you do look cute in your new clothes and at least you have great girl friends.


1. It does matter, but I can't win so they go on in the morning.

2. The biggest threat is public exposure and they have more than enough. They can completely embarrass and humiliate me if they so choose, but there are also enough of them to simply overpower me. Both Jill and I have been threated with being tied up to a statue in the middle of campus in just our lingerie and heels.

3. I am lucky enough to live on my own, but it is still difficult to be undetected. In some ways, the summer apartment with Jill sounds like it would simplify my life a great deal.