A Cuckold in Babydolls

Diane's lover Paul was on call last night but i was still surprised when he called Her some time after 10:30 PM.  The call came on Her cell of course and we were in bed reading; i in a pair of summery pink plaid babydoll pajama set and She in some navy blue silk pajamas.  After answering, She took the call in an adjoining room upstairs that we share as an office.

i later found out that Diane had told Paul he could call Her if he wanted.  As a reminder, Paul's unaware of our lifestyle and that i know about their relationship so he naturally expresses concern about either he or Diane "getting caught" or raising unnecessary suspicions.  Since Diane also has a loose professional relationship with Paul, She explained to him that She could easily dismiss any call he made to Her outside of normal work ours.  If Paul only knew how easy it is for Her.

As i lie in bed in my girly pajamas while my Wife was in another room on the phone with Her lover, i thought about how my relationship with Diane has progressed to where it is today.  Some would call it a regression, but all in all, even though the road has sometimes been bumpy, we've made progress.  i know that personally, i've become more accepting of my role and understanding that cuckolding isn't always what you read about in fictional fantasy.  And if it was, i might have a difficult time dealing with it.

i also thought about how long it's been since i went to bed in something other than a nightgown or other feminine sleepwear.  i think it's approaching two years or maybe more, but who's counting?


sissy terri