Another Sissy Spanking

Diane gave me another spanking last night.  It was similar to the one She administered on Saturday with one of my black leather belts.  It's an accessory which i rarely wear these days, unless we're going to a formal event or i have to wear a man's suit.

Diane gave me the spanking for no specific reason.  To the contrary, She noted how happy She's been with not just how well i've been completing all my "wifely duties" but on how improved my overall attitude was.  "I like spanking you and I think we should do this more often" was Her explanation.

i just couldn't leave Her comment alone and wanted to know more, like what caused this increased interest in spanking.  i asked Her if it had anything to do with Her new lover Paul.  Diane was a little coy in Her answer telling me that She wasn't quite sure why She now seemed to enjoy spanking me more but that it could be related to this new romantic interest of Hers. 

"I'm enjoying the diversity of having a man who's a little dominant and another who's very submissive" She went on to say.  "The difference is more pronounced and visible than it was when I was with Brian.  Lately, you've been more submissive and obedient and Paul's more dominant than Brian ever was."

Her frankness and openness about Paul, along with the fact that She clearly enjoys it, is one of those things about being a cuckold that makes it very uncomfortable and causes me anxiety.  As much as we (submissive males) fantasize about being a cuckold, the reality of your wife submitting to another man and relinquishing control to him in a D/s or BDSM context can be worrisome and bothersome.

Again, i felt i had to ask if She had ever received a spanking from Paul.  "Yes, a couple of times.  Once with his belt too" She said.  Diane broke the silence that followed by reassuring me everything was safe and fun.  "There's nothing over the top that takes place.  And, I promise to tell you everything we do from now on."   Her reassurances made me feel a little better,  but it was still a difficult topic to deal with.

"You know, all women have at least a little submissive streak in them.  You should know that!"  She had a big smile on her face. 

She's so right.  my own feminine side has a very, very strong submissive streak; far stronger that Hers.


sissy terri