Another Sissy Date - In a Dress

Last Friday was one of the most femininely fulfilling times i spent with Jake.  Wanted to write about it earlier but i had to go out of town for some consulting (something i thought was over and done with) and just returned yesterday. 

Jake must certainly "be in the mood" for me again because he said last week that he wants to try to make this Friday afternoon get together as regular a thing as possible.  And, given how last Friday went, i wish we could do it even more often.  He was even concerned that i wouldn't be back by today so that he could "use" his "little sissy girl."  Wow.

Last week the pleated skirt i chose to wear pleased Jake and was the perfect piece of clothing for what he had in mind.  After sitting down on the leather sofa in our living room, he ordered me on my knees and had me kiss him between his legs with his slacks still in place; a type of teasing he hasn't used with me very much.  i wanted him so bad, but he was making me wait.

He then ordered me to stand up and lift the navy blue pleated skirt i had on to show him my "girly ass."  i was wearing some white tights/pantyhose over some pink panties because i didn't like the way the thigh highs looked with the skirt.  Little did i know that Jake was really turned on by the pink panties under the white tights!  He took me over his lap and spanked the crap out of my ass!!!  It was the most forceful spanking i'd ever received and put me in the mood for all that followed. 

i felt as submissively feminine with him as i ever have.  He was aggressive as i pleased him and talked to me soooo dominantly.  i loved having him in my mouth as he talked dirty to me.  One thing i love is getting a facial from Jake and he usually obliges.  Not last Friday.  Everything was his way and i was told to make sure not to spill a drop of his juices.  i felt like, and was, such a slut.

Today, he's said if i was good he might let me have a facial.  i'm hoping he does.  There's something so sexy about the humiliation of it.

And, he wants me in a dress.  i wish i had more sissy dresses.  Maybe a vast collection of the most sissyish dresses anyone could find.

Don't you think these would be a good start???

You can find these and other feminine finery on my tumblr site A Married Sissy.