The Devoted Cuckold

i'm sitting here waiting for Diane to get home.  Ever the obedient sissy cuckold wife, i've dressed to look pretty for her, prepared dinner so that it will be almost ready when she arrives, and chilled Her favorite bottle of wine.

She may be a few minutes, half hour or maybe even an hour late.  Sometimes, She and Paul spend a little time together after regular office hours.  Knowing that my wife is enjoying the company of another man, a real man, excites a sissy cuckold like me.  The fact that She looks forward to coming home to me after being with Paul also excites me.  Diane likes the attention i give Her.

This weekend, She confided to me that She loves the attention i give Her even more after She's spent time with Paul.  When i asked Her why, She thought about it for awhile and said that it mad Her feel more loved.  "Your devotion to me turns me on" She added.

i love being a devoted cuckold.  i love Her too.