A Sissy Date - In a Skirt

It's been a long time.  Weeks actually.  Finally i am seeing Jake this afternoon.  He called me early this week and said he might have time off Friday afternoon and asked if i were available.   i used to get upset over these long periods where i don't see him because he probably doesn't have "the urge" to be serviced by another man.  i'm mostly over that.  i understand it.

i also know that phone calls like this make me feel even more submissive, like i  need to be available when he wants me to be his little slut.  So yes, i told him i was pretty sure i'd be available.  In fact, i'm very available.  Diane won't be home until around 7 PM so i have all afternoon and then some to be available for him.

Jake called this morning to confirm and sounded very horny.  i am too.  "Can you put on a skirt for me?  A short one?" he said.  My sub sissy side would have preferred he simply said "I want you in a short skirt when I get there."  Don't ask me, just tell me and expect me to follow orders.  But nothing is perfect right?

i wish i had a skirt like this to wear for him, because of the bow.... 

i love bows, and i'll have to look for one like this.

But i do have a lovely pleated one to wear, and i'll be wearing it when he gets here.  i'd love to crawl to the front door and open it for him while on my knees.  That might be a bit much. I'll wait until he gets inside the house :)


sissy terri