Sissy Cuckold Dreams

i woke up this morning in a very aroused state.  i have a very difficult time remembering my dreams with even the most minor level of details but all i know is that it involved my being in one part of a very large room while Diane was in another part.  The room was full of people and i could see Diane talking to a group of people, both men and women and pointing over in my direction.

i couldn't make out the faces of anyone except Diane, but yet they all looked over at me when She pointed, and i became extremely self-conscious, yet i made eye contact with Diane and She jus smiled. 

i lay in bed for awhile and my arousal didn't go away.  i thought about a regular fantasy of mine, being a sissy maid for Diane and serving Her and Her friends, be they male or female.  Perhaps She'd throw a dinner party, maybe even a coming out sort of party to introduce Her new lover Paul to Her close friends.

The party might also served to introduce everyone to Her new husband-turned-wife-and-sissy-maid.
Of course, i'd be wearing the most feminine of sissy maid uniforms.  It would be pink satin, with ruffles, a petticoat and all the most sissyish accessories Diane could find.

A sissy cuckold can dream can't she?   i wish i knew where we could buy this!


sissy terri