Extremely Sissy

On Sunday i posted pictures of a few outfits that i thought portrayed "ES."  A sissy named Alicia wrote to me suggesting that it's not only the femininity of the outfit that makes one appear extremely sissified, but the circumstances surrounding why you're wearing it.

Alicia wrote "For instance, if you're only wearing a pair of simple pink panties, but your wife is making you wear them in front of her mother, sister, friends or worse yet, boyfriend, to me that would be extreme sissification..."

Of course, Alicia brings up an excellent point.  Any outfit can evoke high levels of humiliation and sissification depending on the surroundings, circumstances, audience, etc. 

However, there are still some outfits or makeovers that can heighten anyone's femininity.  Take this one......

Does anyone know where i can get a Barbie necklace like that?

And how about being a bunny girl for your wife's lover and his friends?


sissy terri