A Sissy's Pink Slip

i re-blogged these pictures today on my tumblr blog where i added the following comment....

"Memories of wearing my mother’s full slips when no one was around!"

My mother was a very good looking and sexy woman.  i didn't have an Oedipus complex or anything, but i just knew that she was attractive and it was clear that men found her sexy (including my father).

Most kids don't think of their parents that way, especially when they get older, but i would be shocked if my mom and dad didn't have a very healthy and active sex life well into their latter years.

My mother also dressed very classy.  She always seemed to be dressed perfect for any occasion and carried herself well.  Like any other woman of that time, she was always complaining that she was a little overweight and always trying to lose 5 pounds!  But the fact of the matter is that most men would have found to be perfect just the way she was.

Sissy Fun
There came a time when i was growing up where i didn't become infatuated with my mother but with her clothes (my sister's too by the way).  It was just a matter of time with my desires to wear panties and such increasing, that i would venture into her lingerie drawers, careful not to mess up her perfectly folded panties, bras, slips, stockings and other items.

Just like mom, the lingerie was always laying there perfectly.  Just the sight of it got me aroused.  i would often sneak out a couple of things when i was home alone and do the best i could to replace it just the way it was.

A few of the items that were easier to replace were some beautiful high quality satin slips she would keep hanging in her closet rather than folded in the lingerie drawers.  It was much easier for me to sneak the slip of the hangar and replace it in the closet.  i was the fondest of one particular pink satin slip and wore it as often as i could.  It was all i could do to control myself and soiling her beautiful slip.  i "came" close a few times!!!!

Full slips like the ones shown in the pictures above and this one here seem to be from a day of bygone femininity.  Personally, i think every sissy should either own, or at least experience wearing such a beautiful piece of lingerie.  i've experienced it but i think it's about time i go out and find one just for me!


sissy terri